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Startup Design Package
Startup Design Package

Startup Design Package

Price: $3,000.00

For additional packages and information, contact [email protected] or 1-800-828-6650 x 1


Our Core Design Package service will be built into the Shift4shop platform to provide a branded look that is unique to your company, while maintaining Shift4shop's functionality, built-in SEO features and ecommerce industry best practices.

What is Core Design?

The Core Design Engine works like a set of building blocks for theme development, allowing themes to be built in a modular fashion and expanding the design possibilities at a theme developer's fingertips. It's engineered to be as unrestrictive and customizable as possible, allowing designers to really flex their capabilities

We follow the "Mobile-First" approach, where planning, UX design, and development puts mobile devices at the forefront of both strategy and implementation. The end-result is a responsive website that utilizes the adaptable design elements to conform itself to the device used by the visitor.

A responsive design optimizes your site’s visibility and performance. With a responsive design, the site navigation, images and text will all properly display and function in adherence to the screen on which the site is being viewed. Users will enjoy full functionality of your shopping platform, even on smart-phones and tablets.

At Shift4shop, we’ll create a unique design for your site that will help build your online brand. Our Shift4shop design team is made up of experts who will use their many talents to build a design that will improve your overall user experience and maximize your potential for sales. Get started today and let Shift4shop help transform your website into an adaptable and fully optimized selling machine!

The Core Design will include 3 variations of the website layout, optimized for:

  • Desktop, 980px Width or higher.
  • Tablet, 768px Width (optimized for iPad and Samsung Galaxy)
  • Smartphones, 320px Width

What's included?

  • Wire-frames Selection. Our project managers will send you 16 different wire frames that you can choose from. And they will assist on the selection of a layout that effectively showcases your company and promotes your products. To guarantee a fast turnaround on our design service, the wire-frames provided must be used as-is; creating of custom wire-frames is not included as part of this service.
  • Design Questionnaire. One of our project managers will review with you a streamlined questionnaire to collect the details that will allow us to create to a unique design that reflects your company identity.
  • Overall Look & Feel (Website Frame). The frame of your site is the overall look & feel of your website. This includes the BACKGROUND, TOP HEADER, LEFT and/or RIGHT NAVIGATION and FOOTER displayed on every page of your website.
  • Custom Home Page. Your homepage is the first thing that visitors to your online store will see. This may include banners, a home page carousel, product showcase, etc.
  • Sticky Header. Clear navigation conveys respect for customers and an implied promise of good service. Confusing or difficult navigation will communicate the opposite and cause visitors to take their business elsewhere. When navigating a typical website, the header will gradually move out of view when scrolling down the page. With the Sticky Header, you can ensure that your navigation remains visible at all times. This Design Feature will lock your header into a fixed position and allow it to remain at the top of your browser window even when scrolling.
  • Dedicated Project Manager. Your project will be assigned to a dedicated project manager to be your single point of contact and coordinate all the milestones of the design process.
  • Technical SEO Review. Once your new website design is completed and deployed live to your website, our team will perform a technical SEO review of the site, providing a health score of the website and an action plan for any SEO improvements needed.
  • One (1) Widget. Improve the user experience of your site by adding any of our Website Widgets. Your selection of (1) of the following :

    Estimated Timeline

    • Estimated Kickoff Call Date: 3 - 5 Days after receipt of signed agreement
    • Estimated Completion Date: 6 - 8 weeks after receipt of completed design questionnaire.
    • Above dates are best estimate only. Timelines not guaranteed
    • Project dates dependent on receiving timely information and feedback.
  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    "I’ve worked with Shift4shop designers for 2 websites and I am very happy with both! The graphics and flow of the site turned out fantastic!"

    "Shift4shop’s web designers turned our vision into reality on the first time around! Very pleased overall with design, price, and quick turnaround."

    "The best ecommerce website design service ever. I just explain what and how I want the site to look like, they nailed it!"

    NOTE: All projects are entered onto schedule after receipt of payment. Projects are assigned on first come / first serve basis.

    Client to provide all raw images and desired text for slide images. A hard cost may apply for the raw images if Shift4shop must purchase from a 3rd party.

    Shift4shop Core Design Services will use responsive HTML5 and CSS code for the templates specific to the layout. This service doesn’t apply to content added by the client. In some instances the code used for product descriptions, category headers, and content pages, might have fixed widths and other elements that prevent the pages from being resized on responsive layouts. This will require the merchant to remove or update the specific content since this is not included as part of the service.