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Product Description Writing Service

Increase conversions and boost sales with product descriptions by eCommerce experts
Product Description Writing Service
Product Description Writing Service
Your product descriptions are crucial to the success of your online store. They're the means by which customers learn about your products and get the information they need in order to decide what to buy. And that's not all: product descriptions also help establish your business as knowledgeable and trustworthy. The better you present your product information, the more your business will stand out from the competition. Our product description writing service is here to meet these needs and provide you with the very best in product copy for your eCommerce website.

Detailed, Unique, and Professionally Written Product Information for Your Online Store

When writing copy for your product pages, you have several goals. You want to engage the customer with interesting and well-written descriptions, while clearly presenting all the relevant information. You want to raise their confidence in their purchase decisions and help ensure they're choosing the right product for their needs. And you want to give them clear instructions on what to do next as soon as they feel ready to buy. Unfortunately, it's not easy to write high-quality descriptions for every product on your site, especially if you have a large inventory or simply feel that you're not a good writer.

Our team of Shift4Shop experts brings together years of eCommerce experience in writing the product copy you're looking for. With this service, you can put us to work on creating top-quality product descriptions that will improve your conversions and your SEO alike.

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What's Included in Our Product Description Writing Service

Our product description writing service follows a process that ensures we'll be able to deliver accurate, well-written copy. The length of the product description depends on your choice when purchasing the service.

Here's a quick breakdown of what this project includes:

  • 100% unique, SEO-friendly product page copy with a length of 300 - 700 words depending on the level of service you choose
  • A clear CTA (Call to Action) within the copy to give customers that extra "push" to buy the product
  • 3 rounds of revisions to ensure your satisfaction
Product Description Writing Service

How Long Does Our Product Description Writing Service Take?

Our product description writing service follows a standard timeline as outlined below, but be aware that we will need information from you before we can get started. The better the information you provide to us, the higher level of detail and quality we can guarantee for you.

  • 1

    When you place an order, you'll need to send us a brief that provides us with necessary details about your product. Simply fill out the form with your information.

  • 2

    Within 5 business days, we'll send you your unique, expertly written product copy in a Google Doc.

  • 3

    If desired, we can also add the copy to your product page, usually within the next business day from your final approval.

  • 4

    If you request any revisions to the content, it will take additional time for us to complete.

How Our Product Description Writing Service Benefits Your Business

Well-written, engaging product pages can make a huge difference for your store in several ways. Your business will appear more professional, which helps establish your authority in your niche. Your SEO can also improve by including important keywords within the copy. You'll see several benefits to your business by using our service.

  • Improve sales of the product by presenting high-converting content written by experts Get an edge over competitors selling the same product by using better copy for your description

  • Reduce returns by ensuring customers are better informed about your products before making their purchase

  • Present your product in the best possible light without needing to spend your valuable time on writing

It's time to boost your conversions and increase your brand authority with professionally written product copy. Let Shift4Shop's experts handle the writing so you can remain focused on your business.

Boost your website traffic and conversions with unique, persuasive and well-written product descriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have 100% unique product copy?

100% unique product copy is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, it provides an advantage for SEO since search engines can penalize duplicate content. Secondly, it shows that you've put more effort into your online store, which adds to your professionalism. If you're selling products sourced from a major supplier, unique copy will also help differentiate your store from competitors that may be selling the same items. Distributors such as dropshipping suppliers often include default product information that many of their sellers will simply paste onto their stores, so having unique content will help you stand out.

How exact is the word count?

We stay as close to the word count as possible, but we do allow some slight flexibility to accommodate for the writing process. However, your copy will never be below the stated word count; it may be slightly above it instead.

Does the word count matter for product page copy?

Google and other search engines do tend to favor larger word counts for online copy. For this reason, we do recommend you choose the longer word counts if possible. However, shorter word counts are fine for many products, and the most important thing is that the copy accurately and convincingly represents the item being sold.

What if a competitor copies my product information?

Regardless of whether or not you own the intellectual property rights (such as patents) of the products you sell, you will fully own the copyright on all the original content on your website. This includes the product information we write for you as part of this service. This means that you will be fully within your rights to get the copied content taken down by following the normal legal channels within your region, such as a Cease and Desist order or a DMCA takedown notice.