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Basic Theme Customization

Get a select free Shift4shop Core theme customized with branding and banners unique to your business
Basic Theme Customization
Basic Theme Customization

Branding is a central part of great web design, and the identity of your business needs to shine through in all respects, including the colors, fonts, and graphics on your website. Our Basic Theme Customization is a great alternative to a complete custom-made website design: we'll begin with one of a selection of free Shift4shop Core themes and change its look to match your brand. Your unique website will retain the benefits of Shift4shop including industry-leading SEO, eCommerce best practices, and powerful functionality for growing your business - but the branding of your online store will be yours alone. Capture customer interest with a great, on-brand design that puts a spotlight on your business!

The Easiest Way to Get Custom Branding for Your Website

Get Custom Branding and Banners for Your Website

Shift4Shop themes are available for tons of industries, and even those with some built-in industry-specific imagery are versatile enough to work for many types of businesses, especially with a little editing. A unique look for your website will help you stand out among others and boost your brand recognition to help you grow your business. Our Basic Theme Customization is an easy and affordable solution for personalizing a select free Shift4Shop Core theme to fully match your business's branding, including custom banner images for your homepage and a promotional banner for your carousel slider.

This service is great for Shift4Shop clients who have a favorite free theme among the available selection, but want to bring it to the next level with brand-specific colors, fonts, and graphical elements including custom banners created by professional designers.

What's Included in the Basic Theme Customization?

The Basic Theme Customization includes changes to a qualifying free Shift4Shop Core theme to adjust its colors and other brand elements to match your business's voice and image. It's a simple way to customize your website without needing to edit code or create graphics on your own. Here is a summary of what's included in the project:

  • Theme selection

  • Dedicated project manager

  • Customization questionnaire

  • Company branding

  • Theme design

  • Social media links setup

  • Custom homepage banners (as included in the theme)

  • One (1) promotional banner for homepage carousel

Continue reading to learn more about each of the items in the above list and to determine if the Basic Theme Customization is right for you.

Theme Selection

Theme Selection

The Basic Theme Customization is based on a qualifying free Shift4Shop Core theme. If you haven't yet chosen a free theme, or if you're using one that doesn't meet the requirements for this project, we will help you select a free Core theme that will serve as a perfect starting point for your custom design. Changes to the layout and features are not included, so it's important to choose one that uses the elements you want while also meeting the requirements for the Basic Theme Customization.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

Your Project Manager will be assigned to coordinate your Basic Theme Customization and will also serve as your main point of contact throughout the process. Your Project Manager will answer your questions, advise you during all steps of the project, and keep you updated from beginning to end. We'll never leave you in the dark about how your theme customization is progressing!

Customization Questionnaire

Customization Questionnaire

No successful website design can start without first laying out a solid plan. This includes understanding exactly what you want your branding to be like, including the colors and fonts you want to use. Your Project Manager will provide you with an easy questionnaire and review it with you to make sure we have all the necessary details and are on the same page for customizing your theme to match your brand identity.

  • Your Project Manager will ask questions like these:
  • Which qualifying Shift4Shop theme do you want to start with?
  • What colors do you want to be used in the design?
  • Do you need a specific font to be used?
  • Do you have a logo ready to upload to the store?
Company Branding

Company Branding

Your store's branding includes elements like color scheme, fonts, and of course your logo. If you already have a logo ready to go, we'll upload it to your store for you as part of the project. If your logo isn't ready, our designers will use your Store Name as part of your design.

Theme Design

Theme Design

Our professional design team will use your answers on the questionnaire to change your selected theme to match your desired branding. These changes include colors, background, and fonts that work with your logo or Store Name and other brand references. We make sure to follow your guidance in the questionnaire during this process to make sure the final product is aligned with the needs of your brand.

Social Media Links Setup

Social Media Links Setup

Social media is crucial for businesses these days, as it helps with customer recognition, trust, organic marketing, and SEO. Your customers need to be able to quickly find your social media accounts from your website and vice versa. We will connect your business's social media accounts to your website to make sure your customers can find them and conveniently reach you across multiple platforms.

Custom Homepage Banners

Custom Homepage Banners (as Included in the Theme)

Our designers will create banners that will replace all default banner sections on the home page of your free Shift4Shop Core theme. The banners could have information about your company, products, or feature top-selling products that will link directly to the product page. This is a great way to run promotions, feature bestsellers, or show off your company.

One Promotional Banner

One (1) Promotional Banner for Homepage Carousel

Our designers can create one (1) banner that will rotate through a homepage carousel on your website. This banner can be similar in purpose to other banners on your front page, but will have a prominent position at the top within your rotating homepage carousel. This is an exceptionally great place to showcase promotions or top products.

Note: Social media is crucial for businesses these days, as it helps with customer recognition, trust, organic marketing, and SEO. Your customers need to be able to quickly find your social media accounts from your website and vice versa. We will connect your business's social media accounts to your website to make sure your customers can find them and conveniently reach you across multiple platforms.

How Long Does the Basic Theme Customization Take?

How Long Does the Basic Theme
Customization Take?

Since all businesses are unique and your brand identity needs to reflect that, not all theme customization projects can be completed in the same amount of time. We cannot provide an exact timeframe that will accurately apply to all projects; rather, we work according to the following estimates:

  • 1 Estimated Kickoff Call Date: 5 Days after receipt of signed agreement.
  • 2 Estimated Project Completion Date: 4 - 5 Weeks after Kickoff Call.

All projects are put into a schedule after receipt of payment and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The above dates are best estimates only and this exact timeline is not guaranteed. Project dates are dependent on receiving timely information and feedback from clients, so the more quickly you provide your Project Manager with requested details, the sooner the project can be completed.

Note: After first contact with a project manager, only 50% of the total amount of the project is available for credit back to your Shift4Shop account if a refund is requested within 30 days. Any cancellations after 30 days are non-refundable.

How a Basic Theme Customization
Benefits Your Business

Standing out from the competition is essential for every business, and the last thing any brand wants is to blend in or be mistaken for others. While you're free to edit your theme within your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, this can take time and requires knowledge and resources you may not have. The Basic Theme Customization will transform a select free Shift4Shop Core theme with a professionally created design made for your brand.

  • Much faster and more affordable than a completely custom-designed website

  • Stand out among the competition with a unique, fully branded website just for your business

  • Work directly with design experts ready to use their skills to give you an advantage

  • Increase brand recognition and customer loyalty

All eCommerce businesses need to have a website that truly reflects the brand identity you've put so much effort into creating. Let the professionals at Shift4Shop handle this process so you can continue to focus on running and growing your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I edit my Shift4Shop theme myself?
Yes, you can, as Shift4Shop includes built-in tools like a Theme Editor as well as offering full access to your theme files for editing purposes. However, you may not have the time or the knowledge of HTML and CSS to perform the customizations that you envision. The Basic Theme Customization is here to help take the burden of design off your shoulders with an affordable solution. Since we also include the mentioned banner design in this project, you'll also get some unique graphical elements that you might otherwise not be able to produce on your own.
How is the Basic Theme Customization different from other design services?
Our design services such as the Professional, Business, and Ultimate Design Packages are all-inclusive website design projects including a custom layout, which takes a lot longer to finish than any type of theme customization (and is also more expensive). Our other theme customization services might not be exactly what you need either, as the more advanced ones might be above your budget (and the lower-cost Brand Theme Customization does not include any banner design). The Basic Theme Customization is a great solution for a custom look for your website that includes banners.
How long does the Basic Theme Customization take to finish?
We only provide estimated timeframes for our theme customization projects because the schedule depends on external factors, such as our designers' workload and the amount of time it may take for you to complete the design questionnaire. The project will usually be finished within 5 to 6 weeks from your purchase date.
Will the Basic Theme Customization change anything I've done to my store?
The Basic Theme Customization will replace the visual design of your store, so if you've made any previous edits to the appearance of your theme, those will be lost — however, if you've already applied some of your chosen colors or fonts to the selected theme before you start the customization with us, let us know and we can incorporate those into the design. As for the rest of your store, nothing in the backend will change, so all your products, categories, orders, settings, and everything else except your design will remain untouched.