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myWebmaster Managed Account Program

Let us help build and maintain your website with this complete, ongoing service
myWebmaster Managed Account Program
myWebmaster Managed Account Program
Running an eCommerce website can be rewarding, but it isn't always easy. Shift4shop is packed with features to help you build your brand and grow your business, but we know that with so many features, things can sometimes get confusing. Even if you know the platform inside and out, you may prefer to spend your time elsewhere, working on your business instead of your website. That's why Shift4shop's team of expert webmasters is here to help.
Complete eCommerce Website Management

A Complete eCommerce Website Management and Support Solution

Our myWebmaster Managed Account Program is an ongoing program that helps take the burden off your shoulders as an eCommerce website owner. You'll have access to our very best priority tech support as well as a team of experts ready to help you by performing various website design and management tasks as needed.

Let our professionals handle the work so you can focus on your business. You can also use this program to receive detailed training on specific aspects of creating and managing your online store.

What's Included in Our myWebmaster Managed Account Program?

The myWebmaster Managed Account Program includes a combination of Dedicated Technical Support, Professional Services, Webmaster Tasks and Expert Consultations. It's a complete solution for keeping your site maintained and flawless. Here's a quick summary:
  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager assigned to your account
  • 2 Webmaster Services Tasks per month with rollover and discount
  • Unlimited site copies and domain name changes
  • Yearly third-party SSL installation
  • 10% discount on any additional Shift4Shop apps or services
Read onward for more details about the major services that are part of this complete program.
Dedicated Technical Account Manager

A Dedicated Technical Account Manager Assigned to Your Account

Get Enterprise-grade support for your business! A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a Shift4Shop technical support expert that will be assigned to your account to serve as your main point of contact for all your tech support inquiries. This allows you to communicate directly with a specific Shift4Shop expert who can provide one-on-one priority support, skipping the normal queue. This service is the highest tier of tech support and is normally only available to Shift4Shop Enterprise merchants, but is included as part of the myWebmaster Managed Account Program.

Webmaster Services

2 Webmaster Services Tasks per Month with Rollover and Discount

Our Webmaster Tasks allow you to "hire" Shift4Shop's in-house developers to perform various setup and maintenance work on your website. Every month, you'll automatically get access to 2 Webmaster Tasks (a $199 value), each equivalent to 1 hour. If you don't use your tasks, they'll roll over and become available in subsequent months until you've accrued a total of 12 hours of unused tasks. You'll also get a discount on additional tasks in case you need more work done!

  • 2 Webmaster Services Tasks (1 hour) per month ($199 value)
  • Rollover up to 12 accrued hours
  • Discounted rate of $49/task for additional webmaster work (standard rate is $99/task)
  • Setup

    Setting up a website can be stressful, since it consists of several steps that are sometimes easy to overlook - or tempting to put off if you're not sure how to do it yourself. Our Webmasters can help with numerous types of setup tasks that you might find confusing or tedious to handle on your own. Setup tasks include:

    • Setting up a payment method
    • Setting up a shipping method
    • Adding a favicon
    • Creating customer groups
    • Uploading your images
    • And more...
  • Data Entry

    Building an online store requires a lot of information to be added to your website, especially if you have a large number of products. While Shift4Shop includes useful tools for importing and exporting data, you may not want to do it yourself. Our Webmasters can handle it for you, hassle-free. Data entry tasks include:

    • FTP file upload
    • Product import from CSV file
    • Product options template applied from CSV file
    • Manufacturers import from CSV file
    • Image gallery import from CSV file
    • And more...
  • Design and Fine-Tuning

    One of your website's main purposes is to promote and represent your brand, and the look and feel of your site are crucial to this goal. Our myWebmaster services include design edits to customize and fine-tune the visuals and layout of your website to help it match your brand identity. Design tasks include:

    • HMTL edit to a page
    • Changing background color in CSS
    • Resizing carousel images
    • Moving the Add to Cart button on products
    • Other adjustments to product pages
    • And more...
  • Marketing and SEO

    Just because you've built a great website doesn't mean the work is done. In fact, it's just getting started! Now it's time to market your online business across multiple channels and ensure it's ready to handle as much traffic as it can draw. Our Webmasters can help you optimize your site for search engines and much more. Marketing and SEO tasks include:

    • Google Shopping setup
    • Fixing bad anchor text or alt text
    • Fixing broken images or links
    • Creating or fixing redirects
    • Editing robots.txt
    • And more...
1 Premium Theme Installation per Year

1 Premium Theme Installation per Year

Got your eye on a premium theme? You can get it installed for free as part of the myWebmaster Managed Account Program. And since new themes come out frequently, you can get one for free each year in case a new one launches that you just have to have. Premium themes can include advanced design features like Mega Menus and improved visual elements (depending on the theme) so many store owners prefer them — plus, your included Webmaster Tasks can help you customize them to your tastes. A $199 value!

Deign Consultation

Annual Web Design and Usability Consultation

When you need to know if your website is as great as it can be, ask the experts. As part of the myWebmaster Managed Account Program we'll have a consultation with you, once per year, where we go over your website and evaluate it for design quality and user experience. When you're running a website it can be easy to lose track of how it feels for your customers to use it, as well as the first impression you give to a brand new visitor, so it's very helpful to periodically have your website checked by a specialist who can explain any problem areas and create a plan to fix them.

  • Review your website
  • Check that your category and product pages are fully optimized for conversions
  • Test your site's page speed
  • Discover any issues that affect usability and harm your customers' experience
  • Evaluate your website's mobile-friendliness and responsiveness
  • Create an actionable plan to fix any problems we find
Unlimited Site Copies

Unlimited Site Copies

Some eCommerce merchants want to sell the same products on multiple storefronts. This can be helpful for establishing different brand identities to appeal to a wider range of customers who have different preferences and expectations. Our Store Copy service allows you to clone data from one Shift4Shop store to another so you can painlessly create multiple stores. After the copy is done, you can still edit both stores separately. Normally $250 per copy, the myWebmaster Managed Account Program includes unlimited store copies.

Learn more about Shift4Shop Store Copies
Unlimited Domain Name Changes

Unlimited Domain Name Changes

Sometimes an online store may need to change its domain name, such as if the business has rebranded or evolved and now carries different products and services. Changing your domain name on Shift4Shop involves server-side changes that we will need to perform. Normally $50, with the Managed Account Program you can access unlimited domain name changes each year.

Learn more about Domain Name Changes
Unlimited Restorations from Backups

Unlimited Restorations from Backups

Backups are a crucial part of every website - as powerful as internet technology gets, there are still unforeseen circumstances that can cause a website to need to be restored from a previous backup version. As part of the myWebmaster Managed Account Program, we can restore your website from a backup as many times as needed - normally $80 per restoration.

Learn more about Restoring from Backup

How our Webmaster Program Can Benefit Your Business

While eCommerce means vast opportunity for businesses everywhere, it takes a lot of work and can cause some serious headaches if you run into a problem. As a business owner, your energy needs to go toward building your brand and customer base, not into worrying about your website. Whether you're lacking the technical expertise or simply don't have the time, our myWebmaster Managed Account Program will help.
  • Get Enterprise-grade priority support
  • Have an expert perform maintenance or other tasks on your website
  • Ensure your website is working perfectly at all times
  • Save time and effort by passing the technical workload to us

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Monthly Payment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the third-party SSL installation?
Your Shift4Shop store comes with a free shared SSL certificate, but there are several reasons to get your own dedicated SSL, mainly the ability to check out on your own domain name rather than 3dcartstores and to obtain additional security depending on the SSL you use. If you already have a certificate from a third-party provider, we'll install and update it for you on an annual basis. However, remember that you'll still need to pay for that SSL certificate. To get the best results and functionality, we recommend that you get a dedicated SSL certificate from one of our partners.
Which apps and services do I get a 10% discount on?
As part of this program you'll get a discount on the apps listed in the Shift4Shop App Store as being sold and supported by Shift4Shop, as well as the services we can provide such as design, SEO, etc.
How is this program different from the free technical support included with every Shift4Shop plan?
Unlike many other eCommerce platforms, Shift4Shop does provide free, 24/7/365 tech support to all of our merchants - plus, all our support staff works out of our home office and is never outsourced. The difference between this and the myWebmaster Managed Account Program is that the program provides you with a dedicated individual (Technical Account Manager or TAM) to handle your inquiries and give you priority service without the need for you to go through the usual channels.
Shouldn't HTML changes and design updates be included in the free support?
Since the Shift4Shop software allows you to run an online store without touching a single line of code, web design and development via HTML and CSS are separate skill sets from knowledge of the Shift4Shop platform itself. In order to concentrate the expertise among our team, our support staff is geared toward assisting you with the software itself rather than performing edits at the HTML or CSS level, which are appropriate for our Webmasters. This specialization allows us to provide a higher quality of service than if we were to mix the two.
Can you still use the other support channels if I'm a member of this program?
Yes! You are still free to contact support via chat, ticket, or phone at any time, e.g. if you have an urgent question outside of your TAM's office hours.
Would a 3dcart Enterprise store owner still benefit from this service?
Absolutely. While Shift4Shop Enterprise is the most affordable and complete Enterprise eCommerce solution on the market and includes thousands of dollars' worth of extra features, it does not include many of the services listed in the myWebmaster Managed Account Program. In fact, we recommend this program to our Enterprise merchants to help ensure that their stores are always functioning at top capacity in the high-pressure environment of Enterprise eCommerce.