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Template Upgrade Service

Upgrade your website to the most modern standards and integrate cutting-edge mobile-responsive design
Template Upgrade Service
Template Upgrade Service

Web design is a constantly evolving field, always with the goal of creating better functionality for both your business and your visitors. That's why 3dcart developed the Core Template Engine, a revolutionary framework for eCommerce theme design. Themes built on the Core framework are better for SEO, super-fast for visitors, fully responsive to all mobile devices, and more — and with our Template Upgrade service, we can upgrade your website with all the benefits of Core while keeping the original design your customers know and love.

If you're looking for the best, fastest way to bring your website up to the newest standards, and give your customers a better experience than ever before, without changing the look and feel of your website, the Template Upgrade Service is right for you.

What are Core Themes?

What are Core Themes?

Shift4Shop Core themes are eCommerce website templates built on the Core Template Engine. This means they're packed with built-in advantages to help your business excel by giving customers the enjoyable shopping experience they're looking for. The Core framework also makes use of the most advanced coding and design techniques to meet all the best practices for search engine optimization, which helps your site rank higher on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Since search engines prioritize fast, mobile-friendly websites, every customer-focused improvement like increased loading speed also has the side effect of improving your website's ranking.

Highlights of the Core Template Engine

The Core Template Engine was built to be an industry leader in eCommerce web design.
Here's a quick overview of features that can be brought to your website with a Template Upgrade Service:

  • Built with Bootstrap

    Core templates have their foundation in Bootstrap, which is the most popular and successful framework for building mobile-first websites. Bootstrap includes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript libraries that improve performance on all devices.

  • Responsive design

    Core templates use responsive web design that adjusts the page to fit the user's screen, the preferred method of creating a mobile-friendly website. Google favors responsive websites over others that use older methods like mobile-specific page versions.

  • Google AMP integration

    Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an initiative for creating specialized mobile pages that load instantly. When a visitor clicks your link in a Google result, they'll be brought to the AMP version of the page. Core themes use AMP-enabled pages in several parts of your store.

  • Code optimizations for speed

    Core themes use AJAX to speed up the exchange of information between the visitor's browser and the server, plus optimized code structure including page pre-loading and minified or deferred JavaScript and CSS. Basically, this means Core websites are built to load quickly and efficiently.

  • Enhanced shopping

    Core themes provide customers with a smoother browsing experience by allowing them to add products to their cart without needing to reload the page. Core also uses modals, unobtrusive boxes that load within the same screen, when the customer previews their cart or takes another action that would create a popup window on an older site.

  • Better checkout

    Every detail of the checkout process has been optimized to give customers the utmost convenience on all devices. For example, plus and minus quantity buttons allow customers to edit quantities in their cart without needing to enter a number into a small text field.

  • Google Address Verification

    This system cross-checks the customer's entered address with existing addresses to ensure an error-free checkout and eliminate the shipping hassles that can result from an incorrect address.

  • Better SEO and rich snippets

    Besides its advancements in site speed, the Core framework also improves your SEO with complete rich snippet information to ensure your products appear in search results with full details like pricing, star ratings, and more.

How the Template Upgrade Service Works

The Template Upgrade Service will upgrade your website's code foundation to the Core Template Engine without changing the existing design of your website. Once you've decided if the service is right for you, you can place your order below. All Template Upgrade Services follow this process:

  • 1 Place your order for a Template Upgrade Service.
  • 2 We will contact you to confirm your decision and answer any questions you may have.
  • 3 Once the service is confirmed, we'll perform the conversion as specified.
  • 4 You and your customers can enjoy the benefits of a Core template!
What's Included in a Template Upgrade Service

What's Included in a Template Upgrade Service

The parts of your website that are included in a Template Upgrade Service depend on how much customization you've done to your website's theme and how much of that you want to preserve. All Template Upgrade Services include the Frame and Home elements of your website, which will retain the existing look on most pages while changing your Product and Category pages to a default Core theme. This is usually sufficient because the online store owner hasn't made any theme customizations to their products and categories, leaving nothing that needs to be preserved. However, if you have made such customizations to your Product and Category pages, you can choose to have these converted to Core as well. In this case, your entire website from front page to checkout will be on the Core Template Engine.

Template Upgrade Service Timeframe

How Long Does a Template Upgrade Service Take to Complete?

The estimated time to complete your Template Upgrade Service is 2 - 3 weeks. This depends on the scope of the conversion, as well as external factors that affect the schedule. All projects are put into a schedule after receipt of payment. Projects are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

How a Template Upgrade Service will Benefit Your Business

Even with all the advantages of a Core theme, you may have concerns about upgrading your website to Core standards, especially if you already have a loyal customer base that trusts your brand. After all, if you're already doing well, will Core really make a difference? The answer is yes!
By converting your website to Core, your business can experience these direct benefits:

  • More organic traffic from improved SEO

  • An increase in conversions due to better site functionality

  • A reduction in cart abandonment thanks to the streamlined checkout

  • Increased appeal to customers using mobile devices

  • Access to new Shift4Shop features that rely on the use of a Core theme

How an Ultimate Theme Customization Benefits Your Business

Best yet, a Template Upgrade Service will bring all the advantages of Core themes to your existing website layout, so you can preserve the appearance of your site and the branding you've worked so hard to establish. Brand recognition is crucial for all businesses and the Template Upgrade Service is built with this in mind.

Please note that since the purpose of the Template Upgrade Service is to keep your website's current design, we do not include layout changes or new graphics in this service. Additional custom elements (mega menu, filters, flyout cart, etc.) might incur on extra costs. A Project Manager will contact you before starting the project.

Bring the Power of Shift4Shop Core to Your Existing Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Core different from HTML5? Doesn't Core use HTML?
Core themes use HTML and CSS for their design, as did our previous HTML5 theme standard. When reading about Core themes, keep in mind that "HTML5" was the name of our previous theme framework, so when we compare Core and HTML5, we are comparing our modern theme framework with our older one, not referring to the HTML language.
Why do some Shift4Shop features require my site to be on a Core theme?
The Core engine is considered the current standard for Shift4Shop websites. Our older themes, built on our previous HTML5 framework, are considered legacy themes. While we don't force anyone to switch away from them, it's not possible for us to offer the same level of support for sites using the legacy HTML5 themes. Some new Shift4Shop features may also require a basis in code that is found within Core themes, but not within older themes.
Couldn't I just install a Core theme?
Yes, you can install a Core theme to your Shift4Shop store and immediately get the benefits, but it would replace your entire website's design. The purpose of theTemplate Upgrade Service is to allow you to retain that design while updating it to use the Core framework. It's the best of both worlds!
How long does the Template Upgrade Service take?
The Template Upgrade Service takes 2 – 3 weeks to complete, as we are not altering the visual design of your layout, only the code that powers it. The exact timeframe will depend on how many parts of your website you select for a Template Upgrade Service. For example, if you only want to convert the Frame and Home pages, it will take less time than if you chose to also purchase the service for your Product and Category pages.
Can I still edit and customize my site design after the Template Upgrade Service?
Yes, you can still edit your theme yourself afterward, and thanks to the modular structure of Core you'll find it an even easier process than before. When using a Core theme, you can access our built-in tools like the Theme Editor, and if you're comfortable with code, you can make deeper edits within the theme files just as before. Full developer documentation on the Core Theme Engine is available for your reference.
What if I want a redesign for my store instead?
If you're looking for a brand-new design for your Shift4Shop store, the Template Upgrade Service is not the right service for you. Instead, you should choose one of our design services, such as any of our Design Packages or our Ultimate Theme Customization. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-828-6650 or [email protected] to learn more about which design services may be right for you.