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Ultimate Theme Customization

Stand out from the crowd with our top-of-the-line theme customization service.
Ultimate Theme Customization
Ultimate Theme Customization

Our Ultimate Theme Customization service is the perfect alternative to a full custom design for your eCommerce website. Our team will build your desired customizations into an existing 3dcart theme to provide a branded look that is unique to your company, while maintaining 3dcart's functionality, built-in SEO features and eCommerce industry best practices.

With our premium customizations built into a high-end theme, your store will start blowing customers away before you know it!

Included in Theme Customization

A Complete Theme Customization for Your eCommerce Website

Without a unique design, your online store can fade into the background and begin to look like every other eCommerce website in your industry. If you're looking for a way to get a custom design for your website on a budget, our Ultimate Theme Customization service alters any existing Shift4Shop Core Premium theme to fit your brand specifications.

With the help of our professional design team, and one of our pre-built Shift4Shop Core Premium Themes as a basis, you can be confident that your eCommerce website will stick in customer's minds long after they leave.

What's Included in the Ultimate Theme Customization?

The Ultimate Theme Customization involves changing every essential design element on your site to ensure a fully branded experience. It's a quick and affordable way to turn a professionally designed Shift4Shop theme into your business's one-of-a-kind website.
Here's a quick summary of what's included:

Theme Selection

Theme Selection

Within your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager or the Shift4Shop Theme Store, select a Core Premium theme that you'd like our designers to work from. If a Shift4Shop Premium Theme has not been selected, our project managers will assist on the selection of a Core Premium theme that effectively showcases your company and promotes your products.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

Throughout the design process, you won't have to worry about being left in the dark about its progress. Your project will be assigned to a dedicated Project Manager to be your single point of contact and coordinate all the milestones of the design process, guiding you through every step of the way as our team customizes your website.

Customization Questionnaire

Customization Questionnaire

Your dedicated Project Manager will review with you a streamlined questionnaire to collect the necessary details for changing the selected Shift4Shop Theme to a unique design that reflects your company identity. Since each theme is unique, questionnaires will be tailored to the specific theme that you have chosen to be customized.

  • Your Project Manager will ask you questions like:
  • Which Shift4Shop theme would you like to be customized?
  • What color scheme do you want to be used for the theme?
  • Do you want a particular font to be used?
  • Do you have a logo?
  • What images or text would you like to see in Home Page banners?
Theme Design

Theme Design

Once you've answered all the necessary questions provided by your Project Manager, we can begin developing the theme design. Our team of designers will move forward and apply the desired changes to your selected template, based on your input from the questionnaire. This can include, but isn't limited to, your chosen site color scheme, background, and site-wide fonts, home page banners and more to compliment your store name or logo, and brand reference.

Home Page Carousel Banner Design

Home Page Carousel Banner Design

One of the first opportunities for showing off your products in action and brand's aesthetic is through the large home page carousel banner. Rather than struggle with designing your own banners, our talented designers can create three (3) banners that will rotate through the home page carousel on your website. These banners could have information about your company, products, or feature top selling products that will link directly to the product page. This is a great way to run promotions, feature best-selling products, or show off your company in an engaging way.

Promotional Banner Design

Promotional Banner Design

Our designers will create banners that will replace all default banner sections on the home page of your website's theme. Promotional banners typically appear below your home page carousel, and could have information about your company, products, or feature top selling products that will link directly to the desired product page. This is a great way to run promotions, feature best-selling products, or show off your company.

Dropdown Navigation Menu (If Not Available)

Dropdown Navigation Menu (If Not Available)

To prevent overloading your navigation menu (and customer in the process), a dynamic drop-down menu allows you to offer many subcategories for products and provide customers with an efficient, clean navigation system. Best of all, because its dynamic, it will update automatically when you make additions or changes. If your chosen Core Premium theme doesn't already come with a Dropdown Navigation Menu, our designers will implement it into your custom theme.

Social Media Links Setup

Social Media Links Setup

Linking to social media sites for your business is important for both SEO and brand trust. Many customers actually look for social media links as soon as they visit a website to determine whether the business is legitimate - a social media presence helps to establish that essential brand authority. As part of the customization service, we will link to your social media accounts directly from your website via social media buttons, giving customers easy access to your profiles.

Sticky Header

Sticky Header

When navigating a typical website, the header will gradually move out of view when scrolling down the page. This can be inconvenient for some users, who are then forced to scroll all the way back to the top to navigate your site. With the Sticky Header enabled, you can ensure that your navigation remains visible at all times. This design feature will lock your header into a fixed position and allow it to remain at the top of your browser window even when scrolling. By keeping the header "stuck" to the top of a customer's screen, they can conveniently navigate your site's menu and navigation links without having to scroll to the top every time.

Page Transitions

Page Transitions

Static product images and banners can look great; but they have the potential to be elevated with a smooth and subtle animation. Catch the attention of your customers with beautiful page transitions/animations of your products photos and promotional banners. Custom images can be made to fade in, slide in, pop in and more, creating an engaging and layered look.

Pre-approval Composition and 1 Round of Revisions

Pre-approval Composition and
1 Round of Revisions

Once our designers have finished implementing your requests into your custom design, a mockup will be provided for your review prior to development. If you have any issues with the mockup, or would like anything to be changed, you have available 1 round of revisions before the design is finalized.

Note: This service does not include any customization to Shift4Shop's features, changes to layout already defined by the Shift4Shop's Theme, or changes to the existing image elements within the selected theme.

How Long Does the
Ultimate Theme Customization Take?

Every online store, business and website theme is different. Because of this, it's impossible to provide an exact timeframe for completion that will fit every theme customization project. Our estimated timeline for project completion is as follows:

  • 1 Estimated Kickoff Call Date: 3 - 5 Days after receipt of signed agreement.
  • 2 Estimated Completion Date: 4 - 5 Weeks after Kickoff Call.
  • All projects are put into a schedule after receipt of payment. Projects are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The above dates are best estimates only, and timelines not guaranteed. Project dates are dependent on receiving timely information and feedback from clients, so the quicker that you provide your Project Manager with requested details, the quicker the project can be completed.

    Note: Any cancellations after 30 days are non-refundable. After first contact with the Project Manager, cancellations can receive 50% of the total amount of the project as credit towards your Shift4Shop account (if within 30 days of purchase).

How an Ultimate Theme
Customization Benefits Your Business

How an Ultimate Theme Customization Benefits Your Business

In the world of eCommerce, brand differentiation on your website is key to standing out among the crowd. While you're able to freely edit any Shift4Shop Core Premium theme with design that fits your brand, that manual process often takes time, resources and expertise that you may not have. The Ultimate Theme Customization takes your favorite theme and brings it to the next level with custom design done by professionals.

  • Takes less time and is more affordable relative to full website customizations

  • Get a unique and fully branded look that separates you from the competition

  • Work with skilled designers to get an artfully crafted, custom look for your selected theme

  • Boost brand recognition and customer loyalty with a professional design

Unique, brand cohesive web design is essential to successful eCommerce businesses. Let the experts at Shift4Shop handle it so you can save time and focus on running your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I edit my Shift4Shop theme myself?
You have access to your theme's HTML, CSS and Theme Editor to help you achieve the look you want on your website, but this process can be extremely time consuming and difficult for some. With the Ultimate Theme Customization, our professional team of designers can do all the heavy lifting for you to skillfully craft a version of your favorite Shift4Shop theme that's all your own - all with minimal effort from you.
How is the Ultimate Theme Customization service different from other design services?
Our other design services, such as the Professional, Business and Ultimate Design Packages, include a full design of your website's look with custom layouts. Naturally, these packages can cost more and take more time because they include more in-depth design and development. With the Ultimate Theme Customization service, you can save by having our designers customize a Shift4Shop theme that's already built.
How long will the customization take to finish?
The timeframe for project completion can vary from project to project and relies heavily on the timeliness of client information and feedback contributions. For this reason, only estimates can be given; customizations usually take 5 to 6 weeks from initial purchase.
Will the Ultimate Theme Customization change what I've already done to my store?
While the Ultimate Theme Customization will replace your current theme with a new one and, therefore, redesign the look of your store, it won't interrupt what you've already done to build your store's backend. Your products and store settings will remain unchanged.
Is the Core Premium Theme that I choose included in the cost for the customization service?
Yes! You won't need to pay separately for the theme that you and your Project Manager choose to build from - it's included in the cost of service.